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General Product Information

Quality control

Our products are only sold after a thorough quality assurance and product traceability from the raw materials stage to the final consumer. Ecopia has established a traceability system that can track all raw materials used in products, enabling us to trace, by farmers and product name. Ecopia has established independent quality assurance standards to ensure raw material and food product safety, including:

  • Control standards for product quality hazards during and after harvesting
  • Control standards for transportation and agricultural chemical residues
  • Standards for establishing expiration labels for our tropical food products and food additives

Nutritional Information

From January 2012, all our labels will have nutritional information. Ecopia's quality control company is based in Jena, Germany (see Food GmbH).

Ecopia products are of high nutritional value as they grow without the use of pesticides and fertilizers.

We process only high-quality fruits and vegetables. Our fruits are harvested when they have the highest content of vitamins that is why they are also naturally sweet. In addition we do not add any artificial preservatives, flavours, thickeners, colours or emulsifiers to our processed products.

Our products especially cater to the needs of health-conscious or allergic persons.

For diabetic persons we have a special product line with diabetic products.

Control of freshness and management of "best-before" dates

Ecopia determines the "best-before" dates of its food and beverage products after building in an adequate safety margin based on the results of our last five years various types of storage tests.

Ecopia traceability system

Ecopia has established a food product traceability system that - through farmer and product code numbers - can provide information on raw materials, time of harvesting, transportation, specific manufacturing conditions and delivery status of our products. Ecopia traceability will soon be online and supported by mobile application that will benefit production planning, marketing, selling and inventory control.


As Ecopia products are organic and processed with resource-friendly technologies, our company has a small impact on the environment. Furthermore we produce in the area of fruit origin which lowers harmful transportation.


All our farmers are strictly organic, which means that we do not use any pesticides or fertilizer. All of our processed fruits and vegetables products are made by hand and in open pans.