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Ecopia provides training for rural farmers which encompass entrepreneurship, leadership as well as processing training. The aim of the Ecopia training is to empower rural farmers at the base of the pyramid with the necessary skills and know-how to process their organic fruits and vegetables in a way that high quality products are created which fulfill international quality standards as well as to understand and meet the needs of the highly demanding target market in an appropriate way.

Ecopia does not only train the farmers which are part of its value chain but also students, local stakeholders as well as interested public. This community-focused training approach should easen acceptance among the farmers and also accelerate the spread of knowledge in local communities.

To conduct such trainings, Ecopia partners with several local and international NGOs, cooperatives, associations as well as local universities which have proven sucess in reaching out to rural farmers in selecting and conducting the training throughout Ethiopia.

Every trained farmer is enabled to train other farmers - this train of trainers approach contributes to the sustainability of the training programme.