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Ecopia Germany

Ecopia Germany is organising tour for travels to Ethiopia/Africa and for travellers from Africa to Europe. 

As Ethiopian and many other African civilisation, culture, biodiversity and humanity is lived by the communities, Ecopia Tours with its community invites you and allows you to having a real time immersive experiences.

In order to experiences the land of origin and the land of experimenting life in Mars in real time, we have developed our tourism infrastructure and services as in time machine that allows you to keep to certain extend your European standards but still immerse in centres and culture of Ethiopian celebration of humanity and civilisations. 

Ecopia Tours in Germany organise the tour to African travels to scientific, contemporary and historical museums, active tourism like cannoning, flying, shopping centres, to see theatres and making photos that are interesting from African perspectives. 

Our headquarter office in Europe

Postal address: Ecopia Gmbh

Reichardtstieg 1, 07743 Jena

0049 3641-5643313, Mobile 004915254268336