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Workshop, Educational and Diaspora Tourism

Tourists come in close contact with the environment and activities, which can participate, be entertained, work out and feel the joy of touring, learning and discovery. 

Such activities may include:


  1. Agricultural activities such as picking coffee, fruits, mushrooms
  2. Ecotourism, such as observation of plants and animals, wetlands
  3. Sports activities such as biking, horseback riding, canoeing
  4. Cultural activities such as attending festivals,
  5. Courses, such as weaving, traditional cooking and traditional farming.



Our education tourism organized to make travel truly more accessible for a greater number of people. It will for example enable students from low-income families to participate with other schools. Families will enjoy our child friendly services, activities and a lot more.

On the other hand all our cooperative tour companies are local based. That means on that besides our farmers in the communities also tour guides and operators from all over Ethiopia take part in the value chain.

Our ecotourism vision is to increase the livelihood of locals. Furthermore according to our Ecopia Ecotourism principles the number of tourist will be limited and in our accommodation system the personnel works in a rotation system which gives the families rest and also the opportunity to make as many people as possible part of the income generation.

Another aspect for companies and organizations which are not local based is that they can organize groups which come to Ecopia sites. In the time of stay and within our program they will be coached on teamwork and other aspects they wish to strengthen in their company to build a new and healthy working atmosphere.

 Our next workshop tour is Coffee in October 2017.