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Immersive human human touring Ethiopia

Beside a diversified product range for our local market, we have designed personalized packages to match the expectations of western customers who are willing to travel differently. Traveling with Ecopia is immersive human human interaction. 



The programs we offer include one or several of the following components:

Tours for individuals and families. This tour is specially organised with special attention to the need of children, women alone or with kid’s travellers. We suggest having two family where the kids know each other or we can also organise to link you with Ethiopian families who would join.


Cultural and religion expedition. This part of the tour is dealing with immersive cultural experiences in real time. It is time travel in Ethiopia from the antic to now.


Geo/political tour. Here we will be walking around the area we will feel like we are on another planet. There are volcanoes with bubbling lava lakes, multi-coloured hydrothermal fields, and great salt pans that dazzle the eyes. We will be in the rift valley where the Earth's tectonic plates move apart, creating new crust. Where the plates are moving apart along three deep rifts at a rate of 1-2cm per year. Then we will soften ourselves with the beautiful lakes and birds life of the geo tourism of Ethiopia.


Ethiopian Eco and agro tourism is the home of Ecopia Tourism. Ecopia is the co-founder of Ethiopian organic movement. You will meet in each of our tours one Ecopia Community. You can stay with our communities in Ethiopian Biosphere Reserves and participate in our harvesting period.


Track and kayaking program are our special instrument of our immersing tourism within our community in the Ethiopian Biosphere Reserves.


Tours with limited CO² emission. All our prices include CO² emission voluntary compensation projects and activities. Thank you for participating and visiting our projects.