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in diesen herausfordernden Tagen des menschlichen Kontakts freuen wir uns, Ihnen mitteilen zu können, dass es in Imaginata weiterhin Weihnachtseinkäufe und einen Weihnachtsmarkt geben wird. Bitte melden Sie unter das Datum und die Uhrzeit an, zu der Sie kommen möchten.


Ecopia Food in Street Festival of Food in Dinslaken

Ecopia wants to meet you in the streets food festivals. We start to the beautiful town of Dinslaken, natural reserve the best place to start. We are coming with Ethiopian species, recipes, and prepare it with the local organic farmers products to be enjoyed by hand and with friends.  

Ethiopian food is eaten with injera fermented tef (a gluten-free grain indigenous to Ethiopia).  Injera is meant to be eaten with your hands. Tear off a small bit with your right hand and scoop bits of the stews and various dishes into it, forming a bite sized food parcel and gingerly tuck it into your mouth. Don’t feel embarrassed if you get some of the stew or sauce on your fingers in the process – it’s natural and is part of the fun. 

Mixed Plates. Ethiopian dining is a social event, a shared experience that is not only delicious but also a shocking amount of fun.

Maheberawi (Meat Mixed Plate)

Ethiopian meat-based mixed plates usually combine several stews like key wat (beef stew), tibs(lamb, beef or goat cubes cooked with nitter kibeh and herbs like rosemary), and kitfo (raw ground beef). We highly recommend ordering one of these and sharing it with at least two to three people.

Yetsom Beyaynetu (Vegetarian Mixed Plate)

It is a mixed vegetarian plate that usually includes several types of lentil and split pea stews (e.g., misir wat, alecha kik or mesir kik) with kale (gomen) and a spicy tomato stew (sils). 

You can order your food or chose online. 

Ecopia is organising in Addis Ababa the farmers weekend market

Ecopia launch the Farmers weekend market in Addis Ababa.  Ecopia Plc is a social company that orchestrates the value chain of organic food, cosmetics and herbal medicines production, processing and marketing. On the request of Ecopia clients and the international communities in Addis, we have contacted and verified the possible organic farmers and processors as well as those who are working for quality products. It is our aim to host the weekend market on weekend bases. The first session will be done on monthly bases until we have all the providers in place.

For the opening session we will have the corner of

  1. Fresh vegetable,
  2. fresh fruits,
  3. cereals,
  4. meet,
  5. milk products,
  6. Processed products and others


As the organic farmers have to come from more than 40 kilometer, it is important to know how many might come. In this regard, please can you inform us by email or in our Facebook.

More information about Ecopia under or call tel.: 0115 54 61 40 or mobile: 0913421625 or write to info(at)

Ecopia Online shop

Ecopia has now online shop we have it now in German and soon we will have the english version. 

Meet us in ITB 2017

Ecopia Tours will be in the World leading Travel Trade Show ITB Berlin from the 8 to 12 March. Our stand 116 Halle 21a will be the place of time for calm and break. You can learn about our tour company during our coffee ceremony period every afternoon at 15.00. Dr. Mitslal Kifleyesus-Matschie will be also providing a sheabutter massage for those who are tired to write the different offers. Our team will inform you on the opportunities of out tour packages for Europeans to Africa and for African's to Europe.

Ecopia particpated in the first interantional agro-indsutry investement forum.

Welcome to Ecological products and services of Ethiopia. Ecopia Plc

Ecopia Plc stands for natural products and tour services. For over 10 years, Ecopia has been guided by the desires and aspirations of producing organic products for our national and international consumers. Now, more than ever, Ecopia stands for high quality products and services processed in social and environmental sustainable methods.

As a social for Profit Company, we are always conscious of our environmental and social responsibility to our communities. The human and the environment factor plays a crucial role in our success in Ethiopia and worldwide.


It is with this policy and our values that we entered the national and international market with more than 15 organic food products, 30 cosmetics and herbal medicinal plant based products traceable to our 11,000 organic farmers. In order to safeguard the future of the company and the brand we trained more than 5000 organic farmers in more than 14 different regions in Ethiopia. 

Ecopia Products in Den Haag from the 27 to 30 July 2016

The most wanted and the unique Ecopia Plc product organic products and services will be presented in Den Haag. We are also coming with Ade Ababa cream for ladies and for men to Den Haag. For the ladies, I have chosen simple essential oil Lavenda so that all ladies would love it beside its healing proprities. Those of you who wants to have more than 5 please donot forget to order it in advance info(at)

Ecopia Food

 Ecopia food will present your favourite mango jam and pineapple jam. We have also our tea collections of black tea and Moringa tea.

Ecopia Tours


Whether you're visiting Ethiopia alone, in group or with a friend, for a few days or a few weeks, I would be glad to assist you to take away all the challenges so that your visit in Ethiopia is purposeful. Please send me email MKM(at) or call me on my mobile  004915254268336.

Ecopia In ITB

ITB 2016

You are invited for 10 March to the Press Conference on the new Ethiopian Tourism Concept to be held by H.E. Ms Aisha Mohammed the Minister of Tourism and Culture in Ethiopia the 10 March, 12:00 to 12:45. We will soon present the topic of the conference, until then we invite you to read her messages. 

Ecopia Tours will be in ITB 2017

Ecopia Tours would like to be the place of time for yourself. We invities you to enjoy our coffee and hand massage duirng the period of your visit in ITB.

Our stand is located Stand 116 Halle 21a.

Ecopia Plc has established Ecopia Tours to support our communities

Message from Ecopia Tour

Message from the founder of the company. Dr. Mitslal Kifleyesus-Matschie. As you all know Ecopia Plc is a community based company. When we were asked to integerate Tourism to our production activities, we asked ourselves what and how can we share our biodiversity with the world. Our first challenge has been to ask ourselves how can we make your stay with us comfortable, a place of rest, a refuge from the roar and dust and weary, nervous, wasting work of the towns. We have asked our communities to prepare a room and make these clean and comfortable with sleeping bags. We have canoes and kaya to complementary our horses for your transportation.