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Ecopia Projects

Ecopia Plc sets up projects with different partners to help organic farmers to establish on site processing facilities for income and profit making activities.

Ecopia Plc partners for those projects are international and national organizations mainly donor organization which impacts three core activities: access to raw materials, development of our sells and distribution, implementation of our trace, track and pay me system. 

Ecopia Plc has on going project with The German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (Bundesamt für Naturschutz – BfN) since 2013 in Ethiopian Biosphere Reserve in Yayu and Sheka on income generation. Since Febuary 2015 we have started a project on Community-based interactive Ecotourism for promotion of conservation in Ethiopian Biosphere Reserves (CIEPCEB). We invite you to follow our activities in the page Ecopia/BFN Community based Tourism. 

Ecopia Plc particpate in the new concpet of "value chain development as the new tool for poverty reduction and pro-poor growth - See more on this page.