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Ecopia brings to the light the untapped potential of Ethiopia's biodiversity in organic fruits, vegetables and herbs. Through the transfer of simple conservation techniques combined with modern mobile technology, Ecopia enables thousands of Ethiopian small organic farmers to improve their livelihood in enabling them to bring out the true value of their products. Hence, Ecopia consider itself as a bridge between the farmers of the 16th century and today’s modern society of the 21st century. Ecopia also aims at having a positive impact on a more healthier and diversified lifestyle through marketing the consumption of organic food. Ecopia especially targets female farmers as they are the primary agents in food production; hence their involvement and training is an important step in improving the livelihoods of Ethiopia's rural population.

The aim of Ecopia Plc in Ethiopia is to process and market organic produce which creates value for both producers at the base of the economic pyramid as well as the high-end consumers in Ethiopia and the world.

High quality organic food and beverage is the guiding principle of our products. We are working in establishing a database that enables our customers to verify the quality of our products by providing access to the quality control mechanises.

Training in Chuko
Training in Chuko

Over 90% of our food and drinks are processed by Ethiopian organic farmers. Ecopia's products are processed in Addis Ababa and its rural business units (Chencha, Assosa, Safa, Chuko and soon in Dre Dawa, Bale and in Tigray). We have trained so far 400 organic farmers to enable them process their own products.

We have been able to design, process and market 54 products of organic farmers by integrating in the simple techniques of food processing mobile based planning, management and sells services. We are in the process of building a mobile based web processing system that will link two million Ethiopian farmers to 21 century.