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Adey Ababa After Shave cream

From September to November, much of the Ethiopian plateau and many river valleys, hills, and mountain slopes in Ethiopia are covered by yellow-flowered Bidens species, including B. macroptera. In some locations, these flowers grow in masses so dense that they resemble cultivated fields. 

In Ethiopia, yellow is a symbol of peace, hope, and love . Yellow Bidens are often displayed to signify the end of the rainy season and the beginning of the dry and sunny season and, more specifically, the start of the Ethiopian New Year, which usually falls on September 11th on the Gregorian calendar. Bouquets of these flowers are often presented to families or friends as gifts. Together with grasses and sedges, they are also used in decorating the floors of homes, particularly during household or communal coffee ceremonies.

Bidens macroptera is known only from Ethiopia. It grows on rocky mountain slopes and in grasslands, forest margins, and open places in ericaceous scrub; rarely, it is found along roadsides. Another Bidens species, B. prestinaria, is the most widespread Bidens in Ethiopia (it occurs also in the highlands of Sudan). Bidens prestinaria is more prevalent at lower altitudes and in cities in towns, whereas B. macroptera is more common at higher altitudes. Together, these two species form a conspicuous component of the flora of the Ethiopian Highlands. 

Adey Ababa cream for men

Adey Ababa Cream for men to used aftershave.