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Organic Food Ethiopia

Close to 80% of the Ethiopian population derive their income from agriculture. However, smallholder farmers are dependent on prices set at local markets and have little awareness of how to ‘add value’ to their natural resource produce and limited access to the equipment and training required.

The for-profit social enterprise ‘Ecopia ’ has spent the last six years working closely with rural communities in different areas of Ethiopia developing processing systems and products with international quality standards while improving communities’ security and livelihoods.

There was no existing blueprint to follow. Ecopia and the communities tried and tested different working models with sponsorship from government and non-government organisations. The Ethiopian Government also had no blueprint to follow regarding standards of food processing and storage at altitude. Ecopia continues to work closely with the Government to develop the highest international standards of food safety. 

Today, proven business systems are in place and the main range of food products selling well. However, the profit margins from producing relatively small quantities of food products cannot cover Ecopia management costs.

All our products are handpicked and processed manually. For the processing of our products we use simple conservation and processing methods which are environmentally friendly.